Tristan Ferreira
Brazil-born and San Francisco raised, Tristan Ferreira is a Creative/Art Director, Graphic Designer, and 3D Artist currently based in Los Angeles.
With over eight years of experience in innovative and captivating story telling, Tristan is a seasoned artist with an artistic range that excels through multiple disciplines. As a director, he excels in the hands-on creation of digital and animated stories that push the boundaries of what has been into what will be.
As a visionary director and creative artist, Tristan works with giants of the tech and entertainment industries telling stories through experiential marketing campaigns and short films for B-to-B and B-to-C projects. His passion for storytelling combined with a personal approach to both clients and collaborators result in projects that surpass client expectations and excel in the eyes of their audiences.
"I believe passion for the work pushes me to succeed as an artist, and inspires me to pursue new ways to create unique and exciting experiences."